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Safety and rinsing


Hey There Moms!

Our silicone collection is used during the little ones' meal time and we are aware of the questions that arise as a result, so it is important for us to provide you the information below.

All products are FDA approved. Latex Free, Nitrosamine Free, Phthalate Free, BPA Free, PVC Free. So they are safe for their intended use.

If there is damage to the products, and it seems that they are no longer safe, Please STOP use!

Teethers :
The dental products consist of silicone balls that are well reinforced (!) by a strong strip of cloth, so that the baby is not able to separate and disassemble the product.
It is the responsibility of the mother to check before use whether the product is still well reinforced and if there are any doubts do not let the child use it!

Defective products can be returned to us, you can replace if a defective product arrived in accordance with the company's regulations.

For any question - we are here!


The products are made of high quality silicone so that they can be cleaned easily and quickly.

Can be cleaned by washing with water, cleaning with wipes if it is light dirt, or washing at a temperature of up to 100 degrees.