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MOOSOO Air Fryer 2Qt Air Fryer Oven With Time/Temp Control, Air Fryer Liner

MOOSOO Air Fryer 2Qt Air Fryer Oven With Time/Temp Control, Air Fryer Liner

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Compare with large air fryer oven . MOOSOO MA31 small air fryer saves space on your counter and in your cabinet. 2 quart capacity and compact size suits for crowed kitchen.
Air fryer has two manual knob control . can set temp/time at your will. Manual temp control helps you fry everything from veggies . chicken and so on accurately.
2 Qt Air Fryer is not just for frying food . it can also be used for defrosting or reheating food. This is a very convenient and fast cooking small appliance.
Utilizing 360 degree rapid-air technology . Air fryer circulates hot air at high speed . cooking your favorite dish and producing a crispy fried texture with little or no oil.
60mins adjustable timer and auto shut off tech allow you to program your 2qt air fryer to achieve amazing results without overcooking your food.
Compact 2 quart air fryer has advanced safety technology for long-lasting durability. ETL certified air fryer with automatic shutdown and heat-resistant handle keep your air fryer from overheating and work safely.
Air fryer has detachable non-stick tray is used to isolate the oil that escapes from the food during the air frying process. Plus . the basket and tray are dishwasher-safe.
2Qt Air fryer comes with 100 recipes . you can make various dishes at will. Best of all . our air fryer comes with air fryer liner. Just throw away the liner after cooking . simplify your cleaning and have no impact on the taste of food.

MOOSOO Compact Small Air Fryer 2Qt with Adjustable Temp Control . 60 Minute Timer . Air Fryer Liner and Cookbook

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