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RENPHO Bluetooth Food Scale with App, Digital Smart Kitchen Scale, Glass, White

RENPHO Bluetooth Food Scale with App, Digital Smart Kitchen Scale, Glass, White

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RENPHO multi-functional Bluetooth food scale work with smart app. The Gennec app has the nutritional content of tens of thousands of foods. Detailed nutrition information can help you accurately calculate the number of calories and carbohydrates you consume in order to plan your health goals.

On the Gennec app . you can easily record and keep a nutrition log for each meal. Track your nutrition records and witness your path to health. The app also provides a coffee timer function that can help you brew a cup of aromatic coffee and start your leisure time. 

Digital food scale is equipped with a crisp LCD display screen . so you may easily see the item weight. To save energy . the smart food scale also features an auto-off function (3 AAA batteries included). 

kitchen weight scale . you can easily choose among measurements in gram . milliliter . ounce . fluid ounce . pounds to weigh a variety of items with ease. 

Removes the weight of the container with the tare button . easy to get the exact weight of the required items without changing the bowl. 

4 high-precision load sensors in the food scale offer instant readings and precise measurements. Accurately weigh anything between 1g and 5000g in measurement increments of 1g / 0.05oz. 

This digital kitchen scale is crafted with a durable . easy to clean tempered glass surface and adds an elegant touch to your kitchen. Equipped with anti-skid padding and rounded corners . this well-designed food scale is carefully designed to be used in every kitchen.

Large stylish glass platform . easy to clean and surface waterproof. Simply wipe clean with a damp cloth . then dry with a dry soft cloth . the baking scale will continue to look new. 

The digital food scale is perfect for cooking . baking . preparing coffee . milk . grains . chemicals . pet food . and more.
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